Wing Foil World Tour (GWA) Show Episode #4 - Recap of Leucate France 2024
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Wing Foil World Tour (GWA) Show Episode #4 - Recap of Leucate France 2024

Tour manager, Tom Hartmann joins us to recap the GWA's 2nd tour stop of the 2024 season in Leucate, France. 

We talked about: 

  • - An overview of Leucate, France as a travel destination 
  • - The Tramontana winds that peaked at 60 + knots
  • - Top new moves and the new young guns on the ladies and men’s side 
  • - The new format for the FreeFly Slalom and how it's going to change the name of the game
  • - The Nia and Chris show - How the winners of the event faired in the conditions 
  • - And more. 


Frank BingelFrank BingelSocial Media Manager
Matthias HäfeleMatthias HäfeleContent Researcher
Stephen ColemanStephen ColemanAudio & Video Editor

Episode Summary:

The fourth GWA Wing Foil World Tour episode recaps the second event of the season, which took place in Leucate, France. The event featured the freestyle and free flight slalom disciplines, with extreme conditions and strong winds. (Gusting up to 62 Knots)

The competition showcased impressive tricks and combos, including front flip rotations, backflips, and handle passes. Chris McDonald and Nia were standout performers in the men's and women's divisions, respectively. The event also saw a high number of female competitors and the introduction of a new elimination format.

The conversation also included discussions about the new format of the Free Fly Slalom, which includes a knockout system with a fixed number of eliminations and a final elimination round. 

The organizers of the event in Leucate are experienced and well-organized, and the event was a success with a large turnout of spectators. The conversation concludes with a discussion about the popularity of wing foiling in France and the upcoming events on the tour, including the next events in Tarifa and the Canary Islands. 

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