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To spread the stroke and grow the sport of wing foiling worldwide. 

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The Wing Life Podcast is a grassroots Wing Foiling Podcast for new or experienced Wing Foilers. Our passion, authenticity, and love for the sport make this podcast a trusted source of wing-foiling information for our growing global community members. Our episodes are honest conversations. We cultivate trust in our listeners and build genuine relationships with our guests. It's all about growing the community and spreading the stoke. We started this podcast to give back to a community that has given so much and helped share the stoke. I hope you enjoy our episodes and that it drives your passion to new levels.

"I am from Half Moon Bay California. We are an all girl, total of 5 wingers. I enjoy the podcast. Thank you

Maria Mesina

Our latest episode

Wing Life Show Episode #6 - Wing Handling Basics
July 19, 2024x
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Wing Life Show Episode #6 - Wing Handling Basics

On this episode, Gwen, Damien and Luc talk about: - Learning all about handle 0 or the leading edge handle - How to walk around with your wing - How to turn your wing turn left, right and how to gene...

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