Our Episodes & Shows

The Wing Life Podcast 

Our regular weekly episodes cover a variety of topics. Join us as we we talk with pro athletes, instructors, wind sport enthusiasts and more from around the globe. Our casual conversation style makes our episodes fun and engaging.

Our Shows

Shows are a series of episodes that cover a variety of topics with the same guests / organizations.

The Wing Foil World Tour Show (GWA) with Tom Hartmann

A show all about the GWA World Tour.  Tom, the tour manager, joins us to talk about: 

  • Highlights from the last tour stop
  • Intro the next tour stop
  • Behind the scene insights
  • Wins and Loses
  • Biggest moves and biggest wipeouts
  • Current trends
  • And more

The Wing Life Show with Gwen, Damo & Luc 

A show designed to help you get into, progress and learn how to become better at Wing Foiling. Created to be a comprehensive "how-to," we will cover:

  • Why should I get into Wing Foiling 
  • Safety Basics
  • What to expect from your first lesson
  • What gear should I pick and how do I set it up?
  • And more 

The Gear Talk Show

A show that's all about showcasing new gear! Join us as we talk with sales directors and gear designers about:

  • The latest products coming to the marketplace
  • Why and how they were developed
  • What materials were used and why
  • How they could help your wing foiling progression
  • And more