Episode #52 - Kylie Belloeuvre
The Wing Life PodcastMay 22, 2024x
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Episode #52 - Kylie Belloeuvre

Kylie joins us on the show from her home in France to talk about:

- Her intro into wind sports
- Her early days of windsurf racing
- Her entry into wing foiling
- Working with the team at JP & Neilpryde
- Her favourite spots around the world
- And more.

Visit: https://www.instagram.com/kylie.blv/

Frank BingelFrank BingelSocial Media Manager
Matthias HäfeleMatthias HäfeleContent Researcher
Stephen ColemanStephen ColemanAudio & Video Editor

Episode Overview: 

On this episode, Kylie shares her journey into wing foiling, detailing her transition from windsurfing and the unique challenges faced at her home spot in France. She emphasizes how tackling difficult conditions has honed her sailing prowess and fueled her advancement in wing foiling. Reflecting on her windsurfing background, she explains her decision to delve into wing foiling competition, expressing a preference for surf freestyle slalom. Kylie delves into her progress mastering freestyle maneuvers, particularly the daunting backflip, underscoring the mental fortitude requisite for such feats. Safety remains paramount for Kylie, illustrated by her deliberate choice to forgo a board leash during races. She recounts the perilous experience of losing her board mid-competition and the ensuing struggle to retrieve it amid tumultuous winds and waves. We hope you enjoy it! 

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