Episode #51 Murray Saunders
The Wing Life PodcastMay 08, 2024x
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Episode #51 Murray Saunders

Murray, the owner of Foil Board Company (FBC) and partner at K4 fins, joins us to talk about:

  • - The FBC origin story & his love for wind and water
  • - Wing Foiling Travel Tips and Tricks - How to pack your gear safely 
  • - Board Bag Basics (Padding, Zippers, Handles, Breathability etc.) 
  • - What goes into designing and producing high-quality bags suited for harsh environments
  • - The FBC Rad Series
  • - And more! 

Visit: https://foilboardcompany.com/

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Episode #51 Murray Saunders Overview: 

In this episode of the Wing Life Podcast host Luc dives into the world of wing foiling with Murray, the founder of Foil Board Company (FBC). Murray shares his journey into wing foiling and how it led to the creation of FBC, a company specializing in foil board travel bags.

The conversation delves into the challenges of traveling with windsurfing gear and the necessity for lightweight and affordable travel bags tailored to wing foiling. Murray discusses the design considerations behind FBC's bags, touching on compartments, handles, padding, and the crucial role of zippers. The balance between affordability and functionality is explored, emphasizing the importance of durable materials and secure fastenings.

Murray elaborates on FBC's product offerings, detailing the materials used for their bags, such as 1680D nylon for travel bags and 600D nylon for day bags. Features like breather vents and multiple carry handles are highlighted for their practicality and convenience.

Moreover, Murray and Luc discuss future plans for bag development, including specialized bags for downwind foiling, demonstrating FBC's commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of wing foilers.

Throughout the episode, there's an emphasis on community engagement, with Murray stressing the importance of supporting local shops and fostering connections within the wing foiling community.

Listeners are treated to insights into the world of wing foiling, along with practical tips for traveling with foil board gear, making this episode a must-listen for both seasoned wing foilers and newcomers to the sport alike.

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