Episode #50 - Casey Hauser
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Episode #50 - Casey Hauser

Casey Hauser joins us on our 50th episode from his home in Maui to talk about:

- The evolution of foiling on Maui
- His first foiling sessions with friends
- His work at KT and his insights behind the evolution of the sport
- His life on Maui with family
- His health and recovery from injuries and leukaemia
- And much more.

Visit: https://www.instagram.com/gordito_surfs/

Frank BingelFrank BingelSocial Media Manager
Matthias HäfeleMatthias HäfeleContent Researcher
Stephen ColemanStephen ColemanAudio & Video Editor

Episode Summary: 

The conversation revolves around the evolution of wing foiling and the joy it brings to those who participate in the sport. The guest, Casey Hauser, shares his experience with windsurfing, windsurf foiling and how it led him to wing foiling. He discusses the similarities and differences between the two sports and the ease of learning to wing foil. The conversation also touches on the sense of community and camaraderie that wing foiling brings, as well as the safety aspect of not having lines like in kitesurfing.

The conversation explores the joy and excitement of foiling in various water sports, including windsurfing, winging, and downwinding. Casey shares his experiences and the evolution of foiling equipment, highlighting the connection and flow that foiling provides. They discuss the challenges and rewards of foiling, the importance of muscle memory and repetition in learning, and the sense of freedom and connection to nature that foiling offers. Casey also mentions ongoing R&D efforts and the continuous improvement of foiling equipment.

In this final part of the conversation, Casey and Luc discuss the importance of being present and grateful in life, especially in the face of challenges such as injuries and illnesses. They share their personal experiences with injuries and how they have learned to appreciate the journey and the support of the community. Casey talks about his battle with leukemia and the perspective it has given him on life. They also express gratitude for the opportunity to be involved in the development of foiling gear and the positive feedback from the community.

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