Episode #51 - Murray Saunders
Wing Life PodcastMay 08, 202401:15:52

Episode #51 - Murray Saunders

Murray, the owner of Foil Board Company (FBC) and partner at K4 fins, joins us to talk about:

- The FBC origin story & his love for wind and water
- Wing Foiling Travel Tips and Tricks - How to pack your gear safely
- Board Bag Basics (Padding, Zippers, Handles, Breathability etc.)
- What goes into designing and producing high-quality bags suited for harsh environments
- The FBC Rad Series
- And more!

Visit: https://foilboardcompany.com/

0:00 - Introduction to Wing Foiling and FBC
24:37 - Designing a Good Foil Board Travel Bag
31:54 - Padding and Protection for Foils and Wings
37:20 - Choosing Functional and Durable Zippers
38:18 - Choosing the Right Board Bag: Weight and Durability
39:18 - Securing the Board: Straps, Tie-Downs, and Lightweight Security
41:41 - Materials and Features: Strength, Scrapes, and Convenience
46:58 - Future Development: Downwind Bags and Expansion
57:13 - Supporting Local Shops and the Community
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