Episode #54 - Herbert Vuijk

Episode #54 - Herbert Vuijk

Herbert the founder of Surfr App joins us from his home in Brazil to talk about:

- The Surfr App origin story
- Basic overview of functionality
- How are jumps measured and other technical details
- The Apple Watch and other Watches
- Exciting future updates and future development
- And more.

Visit: https://www.thesurfr.app/


00:00 - Journey into Wind Sports and App Development
08:03 - Challenges in Tracking Jumps and AI Integration
24:47 - Enhancing Live Streaming with Wearables and Technology
29:33 - Surfer AI: Personalized Insights for Water Sports Enthusiasts
39:56 - Expanding Features and Growth of the Surfer App
47:30 - Challenges and Growth of the Surfer Company
48:00 - The Future of Water Sports: A World Map for Destination Recommendations
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