North ShiftLock System & Nova PRO Wing Release - Gear Talk Episode #1
The Wing Life PodcastMarch 27, 2024x
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North ShiftLock System & Nova PRO Wing Release - Gear Talk Episode #1

Mike Raper, brand director and Hugh Pinfold, director of design and engineering of North Foils, join us to discuss the recent release of their all-new ShiftLock system and the all-new Nova PRO wing.

We deep dive into:

- The ShiftLock concept and where the idea came from
- What materials and what testing protocols were followed in creating this all-new track system
- Handle design, track design, performance, rigidity and weight considerations
- How to mount handles, booms, camera mounts, and phones to the track system. 
- Storing, folding and winter winging with a track system
- Idea and concept behind the Nova PRO 
- The use of Hybrid Materials
- All new Carbon UDi Technology
- The integration of the ShiftLock System and more. 

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Matthias HäfeleMatthias HäfeleContent Researcher
Stephen ColemanStephen ColemanAudio & Video Editor

Episode Overview: 

In this episode of the Wing Life podcast, Luc Moore interviews Mike Raper and Hugh Pinfold from North about the Shift Lock system and the Nova Pro wing. They discuss the development process of the Shift Lock system, including the idea generation, prototyping, and testing phases. They also explain the benefits of the Shift Lock system, such as its customizable handle positions, ergonomic design, and durability. The conversation covers topics like handle options for different disciplines, packing and storage of the wing, and using the system in cold weather conditions. The conversation discusses the development and features of the new Nova Pro wing and the Shift Lock modular track system. The Nova Pro is described as a high-performance wing with a wide wind range and a balance between stiffness and flexibility. The Shift Lock system allows for easy customization and attachment of accessories such as cameras and paddle mounts. The conversation also highlights the importance of durability and longevity in wing design, as well as the need for balance and performance in wing pumping and transitions. The hosts emphasize the continuous innovation and potential for further advancements in the sport of wing foiling.

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